Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fine Craft Fair

This past Sunday Never Contented Things participated in a craft fair at the Independence Park Field House in Chicago! It was a wonderful experience; thank you to everyone who came, especially our friends who came to visit us and those of you that purchased some of our jewelry.
Our second craft fair was completely worthwhile.

These are some photos of what our table looked like. Our work is on the left, and on the right is the work of our friend Loni Diep, who was selling her handmade headbands, marbled paper, brownies, and origami pieces.

Loni took some photographs of Zoe and I after the craft fair was finished. We're both modeling one of her beautiful headbands, and one of our necklaces. I am actually wearing two of our natural brass and abaca necklaces together, to create a more sculptural look.



Thanks again to everyone who came out to the fair! We'll post another blog entry as we get closer to the date of our next fair, June 19th. Stay tuned!