Saturday, January 9, 2010


slubird, originally uploaded by never contented things.

Hello everyone!
This is the new blog of two young female Chicago artists, Erin and Zoƫ. We are both trained photographers who since school have found ourselves enamored with hand crafts of all sorts, from bookbinding to screen-printing, printmaking to paper-making.
We are also best friends and roommates who have recently decided to start an Etsy store together.

Never Contented Things consists of our handmade paper works, from jewelry to lanterns to stationary sets.
This blog will be our outlet to show works in progress, our friends modeling our wares, and anything we have found inspirational or affecting.

Our dear friend Sarah-Louise has a fashion blog that we adore (and so should you!) called tzipporit. She wrote an entry about the earrings that she received for Christmas, and she looks wonderful wearing them!

We'll keep you updated as we get our Etsy site off the ground. Check back often!