Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fine Craft Fair

This past Sunday Never Contented Things participated in a craft fair at the Independence Park Field House in Chicago! It was a wonderful experience; thank you to everyone who came, especially our friends who came to visit us and those of you that purchased some of our jewelry.
Our second craft fair was completely worthwhile.

These are some photos of what our table looked like. Our work is on the left, and on the right is the work of our friend Loni Diep, who was selling her handmade headbands, marbled paper, brownies, and origami pieces.

Loni took some photographs of Zoe and I after the craft fair was finished. We're both modeling one of her beautiful headbands, and one of our necklaces. I am actually wearing two of our natural brass and abaca necklaces together, to create a more sculptural look.



Thanks again to everyone who came out to the fair! We'll post another blog entry as we get closer to the date of our next fair, June 19th. Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Earrings and necklaces

Recently we also donated three pairs of earrings to a fundraiser thrown by a friend of Erin's, Roanne Dela Cruz. It was the second annual Soiree in Blue, to raise money for a friend of Roanne's with colon cancer. Below is the image of one of the lucky recipients of some of our earrings! We are proud that our earrings helped raise $50 toward the cause.

We also traded a copper necklace with our friend Loni Diep for some of her beautiful handmade marbled paper. These images show her modeling our necklace!

We have plenty of new pieces made for the upcoming craft fair on May 2nd. Hopefully we will soon be able to post some of these new items on our Etsy.
Thanks for keeping up with us!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Long Overdue Updates!

Sorry for the incredible delay in this post, but we figured better late than never!

On April 3rd we participated in our first craft fair, the Bloomington Handmade Market in Bloomington, Indiana. Our friend Loni Diep came down with us, selling her handmade marbled paper, handmade headbands, and origami necklaces.

We had a wonderful time, and the craft fair was a complete success! We have some images from our table setup. We were selling a variety of different things, from our more natural pieces involving copper and brass, to some new mod-era inspired pieces involving bright colors.
Soon these will be up on our Etsy site.

Lastly, coming up on May 2nd, we are participating in another craft fair! This one will be in Chicago, so please stop by if you're in the area, and tell your friends!
Fine Craft Fair
Independence Park Field House
3945 N Springfield
(One block East of Pulaski, South of Irving Park)

We are incredibly excited about all of these new developments.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


slubird, originally uploaded by never contented things.

Hello everyone!
This is the new blog of two young female Chicago artists, Erin and Zoƫ. We are both trained photographers who since school have found ourselves enamored with hand crafts of all sorts, from bookbinding to screen-printing, printmaking to paper-making.
We are also best friends and roommates who have recently decided to start an Etsy store together.

Never Contented Things consists of our handmade paper works, from jewelry to lanterns to stationary sets.
This blog will be our outlet to show works in progress, our friends modeling our wares, and anything we have found inspirational or affecting.

Our dear friend Sarah-Louise has a fashion blog that we adore (and so should you!) called tzipporit. She wrote an entry about the earrings that she received for Christmas, and she looks wonderful wearing them!

We'll keep you updated as we get our Etsy site off the ground. Check back often!